Introduction to Africana Studies Course Reading
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The History of Black Studies (Excerpt)

by Abdul Alkalimat
A surge of African American enrollment and student activism brought Black Studies to many US campuses in the 1960s. Sixty years later, Black Studies programmes are taught at more than 1,300 universities worldwide. This book is the first history of how that happened. Black Studies founder and movement veteran Abdul Alkalimat offers a comprehensive history of the discipline that will become a key reference for generations to come. Structured in three broadly chronological sections - Black Studies as intellectual history; as social movement; and as academic profession - the book demonstrates how Black people themselves established the field long before its institutionalisation in university programmes.
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The African American Studies Reader - Second edition

Towards an Intellectual History of Africana Studies: Genealogy and Normative Theory

Essay by Dr. Greg Carr
This book is the most comprehensive anthology in the field. The intellectual, political, and social aspects of African American Studies continue to evolve, as do the ways in which the discipline will advance knowledge about African Americans for the future. This edition contains new authors; updated introductions to each section and the bibliography; an expanded glossary of biographies; and review questions and critical analyses for each section. Topics include: The Discipline; African American Women's Studies; Historical Perspectives; Philosophical Perspectives; Theoretical Foundations; Political Perspectives; Critical Issues and Perspectives; and Curriculum Development and Program Models.
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