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Where you'll learn about wealth building... everything from trading stocks to the power of the patent. This space will take you on a journey to financial freedom with lessons from people who have done it.
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A Lesson in Trading Stocks

Trading expert Teri Ijeoma takes you by the hand and shows you the very beginnings of trading stocks. With her four-step method, you'll be trading like a pro.
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Patents and Trademarks

Shontavia Johnson has a license to practice patent law, and this former university lecturer is bringing the school to you, to teach you how to protect your creations.

Bitcoin 101

Sinclair Skinner is Co-Founder of BitMari, the largest Pan-African Bitcoin wallet provider. BitMari has been among the most successful bitcoin companies in Africa, and he is here to teach you the tricks of the trade.
"A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children..." 
(Proverbs 13:22)


Teri Ijeoma:
Stock Maven

"I teach people how to make $1,000 in a day in the stock market!"~Teri Ijeoma. This M.I.T. grad left her job as an assistant principal in a grade school to learning about the stock market. Today,  she is paying her knowledge forward.
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Shontavia Johnson: Intellectual Property

This attorney who specializes in patents, branding and intellectual property and teaches working professionals how to start their business and build their brand.

Sinclair Skinner: Cryptocurrency Expert

This Howard University.-trained engineer got into cryptocurrency to help businesses move money throughout Africa. He is a blockchain evangelist teaching the power of the currency as a path to freedom.

Tremell McKenzie: Financial Foundation

Host of "Money Monday" on Heather B. Live on SiriusXM, Tremell McKenzie teaches practical, common-sense methods of building wealth. She will help you build a solid foundation to live your best financial life.