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Octavia Butler Told Us! 

The mother of AfroFuturism, Octavia Butler, inspired a generation of Black people to imagine a world beyond this one. Karen is joined by social justice warrior and SiriusXM host Lurie Daniel Favors and professor, bestselling author and horror maven Tananarive Due as they discuss the power and impact of Octavia Butler.  
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John Brown Was a Real Ally! (Parts 1 & 2)

John Brown set the standard for what a true ally looks like. In rejecting his whiteness and forfeiting his life in defense of freedom, he laid a foundation to be carefully studied today. Join Prof. Hunter and Dr. Carr as they examine the legacy of this extraordinary figure.
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ICWC/You Should Know (Special Edition)

Join Prof. Hunter and Dr. Carr for an in-depth discussion with stage and film star, writer and producer Tonya Pinkins where they discuss famed Polish national hero, statesman, engineer and military leader Tadeusz Kościuszko, and ponder the question: "Are you well?" 

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ICWC like you've never experienced them before! Fully annotated with all the information you need in one place! We do the heavy lifting so you can enjoy the discourse.
Dr. Carver's Classroom  
Converse, build and network around issues of availability, adequacy, and sustainability in a free-space designed to promote learning, sharing and innovation.
Where the Money Resides  
Wealth building... everything from trading stocks to the power of the patent. Start on a journey to financial freedom with lessons from people who have done it.

Knarrative BOOK SHELF  
Read important works from The Canon with members of the Knarrative Community in a free-space designed to stimulate critical examination and open discussion.
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Curated resources from across the web. Sit at the feet of our greatest teachers, icons and venerated Ancestors as they share their stories of wisdom.
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YSK - Historical Figures  
We stand on the shoulders of giants. Learn about the Ancestors who paved the way for us with their genius, dedication and commitment.
A comprehensive resource curating the books which frame our successes, struggles and experience.

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