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Our Courses

In Class with Carr - LIVE

Discover In Class sessions like you've never experienced them before! Fully annotated with all the information you need in one place! We do the heavy lifting so you can enjoy the discourse.

Dr. Carver's Classroom

Converse, build and network around issues of availability, adequacy, and sustainability in a free-space designed to promote learning, sharing and innovation.

Knarrative Archive

Curated resources from across the web. Sit at the feet of our greatest teachers, icons and venerated Ancestors as they share their stories of wisdom.

Unlocking Astrology

Explore the basic tenets of astrology from its origin and history to how the planets align to impact our lives. 

Mansa Musa's Gold

 We are on a journey of sharing information that will give you the tools to manage your money and build generational wealth.

Knarrative BOOK CLUB

Read important works from The Canon with members of the Knarrative Community in a free-space designed to stimulate critical examination and open discussion.

YSK Historical Figures

We stand on the shoulders of giants. Learn about the Ancestors who paved the way for us with their genius, dedication and commitment.

Djembes and Koras

Music has been the heartbeat of our collective struggles. In this section we will explore the artists who helped sustain us.

Welcome to the home of the Largest Africana Studies Class in the World

A conversational and collective study space to explore ideas and experiences of African people over and across time and space 
  • A dynamic platform for building both collective understanding and individual perspective and capacity.
  • Participate and contribute to the ongoing work of building best practices, family and community narratives.
  • Join a growing collective of teachers, learners, thinkers, doers, artist and creators committed to our collective interest, work and responsibility.

A Global Africana Studies Experience

Boost your understanding of West African Ways of Knowing and discover the range of Cultural Meaning-Making produced by Africans in both historical and contemporary contexts—with broad themes of hope, dreams, and struggle.

 Learn more below.

There's something for everyone

All of our instructors are highly qualified professionals, widely acknowledged in their field. We have a team of instructors made up of professionals from different fields who share their knowledge to help you get started.

In Class
with Carr


with Dr. Greg Carr


New Course


Language Lesson
with Professor Tasha Austin

Mansa Musa's Gold


with Tremell McKenzie


Juneteenth Episodes


 In Class with Carr 

Maroons' Medicine Chest


Communi-Tea (Q&A)

Welcome to Knubia


Episode 1




Course Reading



Medu Netcher


with Dr. Mario Beatty