Medicine Chest

  • Learn about the ancient African practices of healing through food, spices and herbs in this educational space hosted by fifth-generation master herbalist and naturopath, Dr. Sunyatta Amen, of Calabash Tea & Tonic in Washington, DC.
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SUNYATTA'S KITCHEN - introduction

Wellness 101

In this introduction to Maroon’s Medicine Chest, Dr. Sunyatta Amen, fifth-generation healer, allopathic and naturopathic doctor, takes us on a journey to connect with our body through food and nature. She breaks down “wellness” and challenges us to “de-colonize” our tongues and get back to the healing ways our ancestors.

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Decolonize Your Tongue

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We go into Sunyatta’s kitchen where she breaks down the spices, herbs and vegetables that should be in our diet. (Dr. Amen did a live version of this class in Knubia with Q&A from Knubians).

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To Drink or Not to Drink?

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In this lesson, Dr. Amen talks about the drug that put many of our ancestors in bondage—SUGAR! She also talks about the rum trade and how alcohol/spirits enslaved…  and in many ways still enslaves us today.

No Romancing These Stones

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Dr. Sunyatta talks about the kidneys and kidney stones and ways to keep that organ healthy and functioning well through diet.