Intro to africana studies 
Course Syllabus and Assignments
Intro to Africana Studies - Syllabus
Conversation 1: Introduction to Course of Study
 No Assignment
Conversation 2: The History of Black Studies 
 Abdul Alkalimat, “Introduction,” in Alkalimat, The History of Black Studies   (London: Pluto Press, 2021): 1-10. 

 Greg Carr, “Towards an Intellectual History of Africana Studies:  Genealogy and Normative Theory,”  in Nathaniel Norment, Jr., Ed., The African American Studies Reader (2nd Ed). Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press (2007), 438-453. 

 Conceptual Categories Chart   [Syllabus].
Conversation 3: Social Structure
Conversation 4: Governance
Walter Rodney, “African History and Culture  ,” from Walter Rodney, The Groundings with My Brothers, London: Verso Press (2019), pp. 33-51.  
Conversation 5: Ways of Knowing
 John S. Wright, “Intellectual Life  ” in Jack Salzman, David Lionel Smith and Cornel West, Eds., Encyclopedia of African American Culture and History. New York: Macmillan Library Reference (1996), pp. 1369-1390.