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We enter our learning Mbongi by centering ourselves to maximize the relationships and connections between our collective memory and our vision for the future. The idea of community is the thing that ties everything we do together. 


Learn about the ancient African practices of healing through food, spices and herbs by a 5th generation master herbalist.


This course introduces you to Medu Netcher (Divine Speech), a sacred language commonly referred to as Egyptian hieroglyphs. 


Participate in a Power Vinyasa-style yoga class with an emphasis on building strength and increasing mobility.


Explore the basic tenets of astrology from its origin and history to how the planets align to impact our lives. 


We are on a journey of sharing information that will give you the tools to manage your money and build generational wealth.

Africana Studies

This course introduces us to the discipline of Africana Studies. Africana Studies is an area and discipline of study devoted to African people.

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