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Updated 1/2/23

Accounts & Billing

How do I cancel my Knarrative subscription?

To cancel your subscription, hover over Me in the top bar and select Account. You will see the cancellation option on this page. Cancelled subscriptions will be active until the end of the current billing period, but will not renew.

How do I edit my payment information?

Hover over Me in the top bar and select Account. On the account page, you will see the option to edit your card info.

How do I change my billing date?

Unfortunately, we are unable to update the billing date on active memberships. However, you will be able to change your billing date by cancelling your membership and re-activating it on the preferred billing date. 

  • Head to your settings to cancel your subscription. Once you have cancelled your subscription, you will still have access until the last day of your billing cycle. 

  • Re-activate your membership in your "Account" settings on the date you would like to be billed on.

For example: If you are billed on the 9th of each month, and want to be billed on the 1st, you can cancel your membership any time before the 1st of the next month and reactivate your membership on the 1st. 

If you need further assistance please contact us via our website, Speak to us directly via phone support at 833-562-7728 (Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm ET, Sat 11am-3pm ET). Contact us by email, 24/7:   

How do I recover my password?

If you have forgotten your account's password and need to reset, click forgot password on the login page and enter your email address. Soon after, you will receive an email with a reset link and instructions on how to update your password. If you have any trouble resetting your password, please do not hesitate to contact Knarrative Support at 833-562-7728 or by email at 

What is the currency of our subscription price?

All prices for Knarrative memberships are calculated in USD (United States Dollars). The price for a monthly subscription is $19.99 USD. The price for an annual subscription is $199 USD.

What do I do if I’ve received a failed payment?

If you received a failed payment notice from Knarrative, there may be a few things happening. The two most common reasons payment fail are due to insufficient funds, or your credit card company/bank institution may be blocking payments. 

Here is a few things you can do to try and reactivate your payments: 

  • If your card does not have enough funds, or needs to be updated, head to your payment settings online, located in your Profile. Here, you can update your form of payment.

  • If your credit card is up to date and has sufficient funds, you will need to contact your credit card and/or bank institution. Knarrative has no ability to approve payments that your bank has blocked or marked as "high risk".

The most common reason a bank may block a payment is because they don't recognize the charge and disable the payments from processing. Another common reason revolves around international purchases, which your local bank may not recognize and block for security reasons.

If either of these issues occur, simply contact your credit card company and/or bank institution and they can quickly help clear up any issues around these payments! 
NEED MORE HELP? Drop us a line at or call us at 1-833-562-7728.