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Updated 1/2/23


What is included in a Knarrative Membership? 

Knarrative Members get a variety of exciting benefits, all while supporting Knarrative’s mission to empower our community and make the history of African people accessible to everyone. Here’s what’s included with a Knarrative membership:

  • Live weekly conversations with the opportunities to ask questions and chat with a global community.
  • Immediate access to Knubia our community app.
  • Archived recordings: exclusive access to past classes and special conversations and screenings.
  • Ad-free video experiences.
  • Special access to new Knarrative events, deals and discounts. Members can view their benefits on the membership page of

How do I upgrade to an annual membership if I am currently subscribed to a monthly membership?

To upgrade your membership, head to our website (not our mobile app) and log in to your account. Once logged in, navigate to your "membership" settings and select the annual payment option. Once you select the annual option, your upgrade will start when your current billing cycle ends. Know that you will not be double charged for your membership this month.

How much does a Knarrative membership cost?

Knarrative offers two types of subscriptions:  Monthly subscription is $19.99/month. Annual subscription is $199/year 

How do I sign up for an Knarrative membership?

Signing up for Knarrative is easy! To sign up for an Knarrative Membership, visit our membership page, and follow the on-screen instructions to create your account. After signing up for a membership, you will have access to our entire content library, with over 350+ unique classes.

Can't afford either of our membership plans? We offer an opportunity to apply to our Scholarship program so that you don't miss out on an opportunity to be a part of this community.

How do I pause my membership?

We currently do not have the ability to pause a Annual Membership. For further support regarding your annual membership, please contact us via our website, Speak to us directly via phone support at 833-562-7728 (Mon-Fri: 8am-5am PT, Sat 11am-3:00pm PT). Contact us by email, 24/7: 

How do I renew my membership?

Sit back and relax, let us do all the work for you! Your Knarrative Membership will automatically renew every month, or every year, on the same date that you were first billed.

What is Knarrative?

Knarrative is the largest Africana Studies online multimedia platform in the world. We offer over 350 unique classes on herbalism, hieroglyphs, yoga, money, Africana Studies and more. Members get unlimited access to all our instructors across 12 categories with their annual membership. You can access these classes on our website or our free mobile app. 

What is Knubia?

Knubia is a global community for real conversation. It's a growing collective of teachers, learners, thinkers and doers, committed to our collective work and responsibility.

Does access to Knubia come with a Knarrative membership? 

Yes, account access to the Knubia app is included with your Knarrative subscription membership. 

Not satisfied, how do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time by heading to your "account" settings, and you will not be charged for the upcoming fee. 
NEED MORE HELP?  Drop us a line at or call us at 1-833-562-7728.